Thursday, March 12, 2009

Feasting at Fino

Local Austin foodies were invited to visit Fino for our second Blogger Happy Hour (first was at Uchi). Although the event was a little early for my taste (5 p.m. is hard to do on a work day) it had a great turn out. I was immediately greated with a cocktail, which perked me right up.

Had a great conversation with Beth of Texas Locavore and Lissa of This is Life in Austin with the head chef, Emmett Fox. He was really friendly and also knowledgeable about the source of all his ingredients, which is always refreshing.

Speaking of refreshing, I wanted to share a fantastic cocktail we enjoyed. My favorite by far was the Bee Sting which included 42 Below Honey Vodka, Black Pepper Syrup, Lemon-Orange Juice, and a Sauza Blanco Tequila Rinsed Glass. I loved the black pepper in the drink, which was a new experience for me and overall just really surprising.

Out of the food we tried, my favorite hands-down was the Fried Goat Cheese with Onion Jam & Honey. Unfortunately I scarfed it down before taking a picture, but I'm sure you can imagine the deliciousness for yourself :)


Beth said...

It was great talking with you at Fino, Lindsay! BTW, the stalwart bloggers over at and *did* get goat-cheese shots. (I, like you, was far too driven by my mouth to engage my fingers on the camera for that one!)

Jodi said...

You look great in that pic, Lindsay!

Luke Robison said...

I like your official "Blogger" name tag!

Cat said...

Hi Lindsay,

We would love to add you to our Austin Food Blog database and send you updates on what is going on with restaurants around town.

Please let me know if you are interested in getting these updates. Great blog! Love finding new foodie blogs to follow.

Cat Caroom