Monday, February 16, 2009


Uchi threw a complimentary food blogger tasting this evening- it was a blast! I was so excited to be invited, thanks to being on Addie Broyles's blogroll. I finally met some fellow Austin food bloggers that I'd been twittering with for a while like Teddy from Fun with Your Food and hang out with old friends like Jodi from Food Touring.
I got to enjoy some tasty fair including:
  • yellow beet terrine with charred orange & tarragon
  • big eye tuna & compressed watermelon skewers
  • nantucket bay scallop crudo with mint and almond
  • braised pork belly with fennel and apple
  • madai nigiri with spanish olive oil and meyer lemon
  • grilled satsumaimo with ginger and sake
  • white corn and brown butter with maldon tuile

The food was of course delicious. My favorites were, well, everything! I've had the pork belly before and it just melts in your mouth. Pictured above is the scallops, which had so many flavors going on every bite was a new surprise- delightful!

The best part was getting to meet head chef Tyson Cole. He said he liked my sweater :) One interesting thing he told me was he didn't like to make seafood that tasted like fish, which is brought out with you cook the fish. By pairing high quality fish with delicious ingredients and tasty spices, you get a whole new flavor.

Thanks for getting me the invite Addie!


funwithyourfood said...

These pics are great! I love it :)
I'm still on a good food/meeting everyone high


Addie said...

Just thinking about last night makes this rainy Tuesday morning a little brighter :)

See you soon!

Chris said...

Fun! I don't know why Atlanta bloggers do more stuff like this...I need to get on the ball.

Boots in the Oven said...

Very cool - it's fun to see your pictures! It was lovely meeting you last night. We're still working on our post, but I think it will be up later tonight!

Jack said...

I'm definitely a fan of eating seafood that doesn't taste fishy. You would be so proud of me, LindsayBun, I ate a grilled tuna steak last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it!! ;)