Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Life (and food) with baby: part IV

In case you missed it, I've caught y'all up on how cooking and eating has changed (and hasn't changed) in our house since Emmett was born. I also shared the latest and greatest of breakfasts and dinners. But now for what has become party time for us - lunch!

Lunch is almost always fun for us for one of two reasons: Daddy comes home or we go on an adventure! We're fortunate to live just two miles from Luke's work, so he's able to sneak away most days to enjoy lunch with his two favorites :) And on days when Luke doesn't come home, it's usually because we've got sassy plans out. 

Since spring is now here in full force (at least that's what my allergies tell me - wah!), I invited Rachel and Amity on a picnic at Mayfield Park last week. It was beautiful there, and the peacocks were strutting around per usual which was lots of fun. It had been years since I'd been there, and unfortunately our strollers weren't cutting it on the stone path, so we ditched them and rocked our Baby Bjorns for a little hike. I got the cutest little sun hat for Emmett, but didn't get any good pics of it (this time, at least!). Besides the fine weather, I was inspired by the desire to make chicken salad. I've officially entered the world of professional recipe testing (WOOHOO!) and have been testing out mayo recipes for a client, so I had lots of mayo in the fridge, so I thought chicken salad was the best use for some of it :)

Emmett and I have had a blast going to baby swim class at Emler Swim School here in Austin with a couple other baby (and mom) friends. He already loved tubby time, so it came as no big surprise that he loves swim class. And, he looks SO cute in his little swim trunks :) E is usually super tired after swim class, so I'm able to run to the grocery store, feed myself and get stuff done around the house all while he sleeps (after the first class, he took a FOUR HOUR NAP!). 
My mom came to visit one week, so she came along to swim class and took lots of great pics. THANKS MOM!
What a determined little swimmer :)

I've also enjoyed meeting friends out to lunch (both working peeps and fellow moms). Some recent delicious spots have included Kome, Lucky's Puccias new brick and mortar, Z Tejas, 24 Diner, Food Heads and Roaring Fork (note, this was the first time E was actually awake for all of lunch - when he was 2-3 months, he kept sleeping through all my lunch dates!).

Pizza at Lucky's - DELICIOUS!

Sassy gumbo at the Farmer's Market - #putaneggonit

Kome sushi - yes please!
 Lunches at home really aren't all that different from before Emmett was here. Since I love to cook, I make a fun new dinner every night. I always make enough for leftovers, however, so lunchtime planning is a breeze (but usually not any more than that, I hate eating the same thing over and over again all week!). On the rare day when I don't have leftovers handy, I always have the essentials for a kitchen sink salad - grains to cook up fast, greens in the garden, whatever veggies in the drawer, canned beans, and a homemade dressing I can easily whisk up in the bowl and then just add the other ingredients to it and toss together (my go-to is equal parts Dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil with S+P). Oh, and don't forget a sprinkle of feta or freshly chopped cheddar :)

Lunchtime fun - using the "R" brand we got from Luke's parents to brand our favorite tortillas

Tacos made new with fresh cooked tortillas for lunch! Why I love Margarita's
 That's all for now!

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