Sunday, March 15, 2015

An evening at Counter 3. five. vii

Life with baby has been a blast, but Luke and I are always looking for fun ways to enjoy time with just the two of us. When we got invited to the media dinner to try out Counter 3. five. vii I JUMPED at the chance because a) we'd heard a lot about it b) it's fancy pants and new and c) DATE NIGHT! Thanks to the lovely Meg (the reason for my vacation in Portland back in 2013) and her husband Matt babysitting Emmett, we enjoyed a few baby-free hours filled with adult conversation, and some adult beverages.

Jason Huerta, their sommelier, is AWESOME. We were big fans of his and loved that he came over to our seats with every pairing in the seven course tasting menu to describe the selections he chose. And yes, there was a sherry and a beer on the list. I'm embarrassed to say I think that's the first time I'd tried sherry - I always thought it was what older ladies drank? It was fun trying pairings that were way beyond the expected.

Be prepared, the space is beautiful. The design is sleek and clean - kind of like a sushi bar/open chef's kitchen, except it's fine cuisine. It's posh while at the same time so welcoming - a great combination for a restaurant in my opinion. The only thing I was left wanting was a hook for my purse haha :)

We enjoyed the seven course tasting menu, with pairings, which was a compilation of offerings from their different tasting menus (the name says it all - they have tastings for three, five or seven courses). It was fun starting with an amuse bouche that featured a delightfully sweet and salty financier cake.

Some of the highlights for us included the pork jowl and the beef tongue (I didn't think I liked tongue, until I tried this one). Each plate was a piece of art and had such exciting, complex flavors. And, it was fun having the chefs and different servers talk about the different dishes, not to mention watching all the action in the kitchen! 

Lawrence Kocurek really knocked this one out of the park! I can't wait to try it again for another date night. Luke says this is the best dinner he had in well over a year :)

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