Thursday, June 28, 2012

A new mouth to feed

That's right! Now that we've got the house, the backyard and the dog door, we've got a new member of the family - a puppy named Benji! He's a border collie (with a bit of blue heeler we think), currently at 13 weeks and 35 pounds. 

I'm still cooking but didn't have any inspiring recipes to share, so instead I'm sharing a few choice shots of Benji :)
Benji loves his stuffed animals!

And de-stuffing them too!

He was a brave pup at the vet

King of the backyard!
My question to you: What do you feed your dog? What are his favorite treats? Any homemade doggie treat recipes you can share?


PookieSoup said...

Congrats on the new puppy!

PookieSoup said...
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Bun Baker said...

The boys eat NutroMax. They ate Pedigree Puppy when they were puppies, but after going through the Petsmart training made us switch to a higher quality brand :)
They eat petsmart brand dog treats too - nothing too fancy. But I give them carrots and sweet potatoes as well for treats - they LOVE them and it is good for them too!

Lindsay said...

Thanks Jenni, we love him! He's well behaved - I think you'd like him :)

thanks for the food tips sis. I'm sure once we do training we'll get convinced to change too. Right now he's eating Iams for puppies that will become large dogs. He likes it! Treats are Pedigree I think.

Jodi said...

I can attest that he is as well-behaved as he is handsome. What a wonderful puppy! I feel Lucy Canidae -- they sell it at Tomlinson's. It's been a good choice for us. As for chew toys, she went through a ton of them as a puppy but once she got out of that chewing stage, the rate we were buying them slowed down, almost to a halt. So don't feel badly about having to constantly buy new toys because he ruins the old ones. It will not go on forever!

Nevada City Gal said...

In that I love to cook and try my best to cook healthy food, it just did not seem appropriate or fair not to cook wholesome, healthy food for our Cocker, Dewy. So, did a lot of research and here is what Dewy is served:
Lightly cooked dark or light chicken
Brown Rice
Homemade vitamins which include calcium, kelp, lecithin, nutritional yeast, Vit C among other elements
He has thrived on this diet for 7 years. He is nine years old, never had a weight issue and is a very healthy Cocker. I would highly recommend home cooked human food! Dr. Pitcairn's book is a good resource.