Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Gentle Picnic

What better way to celebrate romance than with a simple, gentle picnic? In order to make the day not too girly, we started with a tour of Live Oak Brewery, which happens every Saturday at noon, free of charge. If you're a beer lover in the Austin area, definitely check it out as their selection is delicious, and the tour is informative and entertaining!

Next we headed to Mayfield Park for the picnic, since my friends Eric and Emily had both recommended it. Located in West Austin near us, this park also has a garden (which wasn't much to look at in February), but does have dozens of peacocks roaming around! Luke got a great picture of one in the trees above us.

Now for the picnic! We had simple sandwiches which were jazzed up with pineapple jam. By now Apron Adventure readers have probably realized I'm a big fan of using jams in cooking (especially fig!) Adding jam is a simple, affordable way to really elevate a meal with little effort. I keep several on hand and they never fail.

Pineapple Turkey and Ham Sandwiches

4 slices sourdough bread
1/3 cup pineapple jam
2 tablespoons dijon mustard
4 slices lean deli ham
2 slices lean deli turkey
2 slices provolone
2 ounces spring greens

Spread the jam evenly on two slices sourdough and the mustard on the other two slices bread. Layer ham, turkey and provolone on the slices with jam, and top with greens. Top with the mustard slices of bread and enjoy!

We enjoyed this with a simple salad from Giada De Laurentiis which was wonderful for a picnic. I was silly and forgot the sun dried tomatoes, but had added basalmic vinegar for a little added zing. Delicious! Paired with a cool glass of viognier, fresh blackberries and homemade chocolate chip pecan cookies, this was a gentle picnic indeed!


Luke Robison said...

That was a great day. Lindsay's sandwiches were delicious not only because they had pineapple jam on them, but also because of the mustard that complimented it. Although eating right after a brewery tour probably made them taste even better ;-).

Bun Baker said...

That does sound delicious! Yum! I love using jam on sandwiches as well- I've done turkey with blackberry and Ham with raspberry. Both delcious and great if you have a bit of a sweet tooth. I'll have to try your sandwich recipe!

Jodi said...

What a great day! I have never heard of Mayfield Park before but I'm going to have to surprise Adam with a picnic there one day. You two are TOO cute by the way.

Lundy said...

you are the lambiest of lambs

Lindsay said...

So glad you liked them Luke, and yes, the brewery tour might have helped a bit :)

Bun, love those pairings, I'll have to try them!

Thanks Jodi and Lundy, quite gentle indeed :) Jodi, definitely check it out, it's very quiet and peaceful there.

Anonymous said...

OMG you are the epitome of cuteness! Congrats you two! Oh, and the food looks delicious too btw. ;)

Timmy Sandwiches said...

Way to go, lovebirds! Every picnic should start with brewery time.

Mayfield greens up nicely in the spring and stays nice through the fall. Also, free peacocks!

austin personal injury lawyer said...

I do love hanging out at this place. Picnics here are perfect.

Katie said...

The sandwich sounds delicious!! I enjoy having sandwich with a bowl of fresh salad as well. I think it also tastes well if bagels substitutes sourdough bread :)